क्या तुम्हें याद आई ?

पहाड़ो की हरियाली,


भोर की किरण

ने, क्या कभी तुम्हारी नींद जगाई ?

अमिया की चटकार,

पत्तो की झंकार,

चिड़ियाओ की कलाई,

क्या कभी तुम्हे नजर आई ?

आकाश की बयार,

साँझ की फुहार,

दरख्तो की जम्हाई,

क्या तुम्हे नजर आई ?

चंद्रमा की परछाई,

तारो ने कौन दिशा बताई ?

ख्वाबो की रजाई,

क्या तुम्हे नजर आई ?

बचकानी बेवकूफिया,

पंखो की बेफिक्रिया,

हर दिशाओ की जब एक ही दिशा बनाई,

दोस्तों के साथ की रात क्या तुम्हे याद आई ?

खामोशियो की बाते,

यादो की मुलाकातें,

प्रिया की जो लट थी लहराई,

क्या तुम्हे फिर याद आई ?


What Time is it ?

May be i’ll never understand the time. Its the most curious things to me. Sometimes i found it hard to pass the day and then in night it seems like day has past quick. How does Einstein’s Relativity works here ?

My examination are over today. Graduatio Examination, and after a month when i’ll have my college degree in my hand, i’ll be graduate. I am kinda sober today. I was sending sms to my college friends, especially those who were with me since school, saying,

All the best for last day of examination. We are giving same exam at same-day-same-time since school to college. But now May be its the last day when we’ll share the paper together. Its been a great journey with you.

Always, we count the days, points them on the calendar specially me and when it passed we missed them. It feels like something is missing. It happens with me every time. It may be because i dont live that moment and when i lost that i realize that that the moment i have been waiting for. Time, neither it takes you anywhere nor it goes somewhere. It stays same. We get change. Why is it too hard to live every moment?Why we stay in hurry all the time? What are we searching for ? I dont know myself what i am searching. There is a line by Kabir Das which literally means is,

What are you search around is just inside you.

Three years ago when i started doing college i wanted to finish it quickly. A year, another year and now its almost finished. When i look back now over the passed years, i have mixed feelings. I feels that the time has passed really quickly. Now I missed that time. Why ? If i didn’t love that moment then why i am missing that today ? Why i want the time to stop ? Previous years which i thought were boring and tiresome and i found them not that bad. But i believe someday i’ll understand to live how to cherish every moment and yeah Einstein’s theory of relativity too.


वह दुनिया को देखता हैं-
अंधेरो में, उसे सींचता हैं
अपने रंगों से; रंग !
उसने देखे नहीं, सुने हैं
भरोसा हैं की खुबसूरत हैं
मुझे अजरज होता हैं
वह देख सकता हैं
पैरो की लचक
उसे धीमा कर देती हैं
वह बढता हैं
उसके इरादे
‘कमजोर’ हैं
बस, पर्वत से थोड़े ज्यादा हैं
मैं उन्हें देखता हूँ
विकलांग ‘दिखते’ हैं,
कमजोर ‘दिखते’ हैं,
सागर सुलाते हैं –
अपने भीतर,
दुनिया रहते हैं-

सपनो की नींद उन्हें भी मिली हैं

ख्वाबो का जहाँ उन्हें भी मिला हैं,

विकलांगता तन की नहीं,
मन की होती हैं।
सिलवटें तो मस्तिष्क में होती हैं ।

तुम क्या कहोगी ?

तुम क्या कहोगी?
लिखू कुछ दर्द पिरोकर,
आंसू भिगोकर ?
या रहने दूँ यूँ ही ?
जलने दूँ आग को रात भर ?
इसकी आग से मुझे तपन मिलती हैं
पर इसके धुएं से मेरा दम घुटता हैं।
तुम क्या कहोगी ?
फ़साने ही तो है
कदमो की आहटो से ही बहक जाते हैं…
घूम-घूम कर वहिं चले आते हैं
मैं अनजान हूँ,
तुम्हे भूलने को भूल जाता हूँ हर रोज
स्वप्न सरीखा हैं-
करुण क्रंदन हैं-
तुम क्या कहोगी ?


Main tere sath rahta hoo
Teri kahi baato me hasi ko fir se dhundhta hoo

Jis pal sath hase the ham dono
Main use har roj yaad karta hoo

Har panne par jo sawal kiye galat
Me un panno me apni dosti ki chhap dekhta hu

Tera hasta chehra dekhta hoo
Or phir me bhi muskura uthta hoon

To kya hua jo me kabhi kabhi baat karta hoo
Main tere sath rahta hoo

Maine kaha, tune wo suna
Maine jo na kaha, tune wo bhi suna
Me uljha tune suljhaya
Har match mene tujhe haraya

Meri jeb me h tere diye sikke
Khankte h jab jab jaha jaha chalta hoo main

Apni purani kitabe kab ke bech di
Teri di kitab ko ab tak sambhale baitha hoo mai
Tu bhale jaye kisi duniya me
Tere sath hu main

Kiye honge mene vaade kayi
Or toda bhi honge unhe jab tab

Ye silsila bas yu hi chalta rahe
Tu salamat rahe taki
Salamat rahu me bhi aakhir
Tere sath hi to me rahta hoo.

Half Fulled

What you seek is seeking you. You can find them everywhere but mostly they finds you.


WHEN YOU WERE____ going/coming from the school, bunking the classes, doing assignment of maths in history, trying to lunch before interval escaping from the teachers, cracking jokes on each other, troubling the teachers, making different noises e.g., barking like dogs, mewing like cat, howling like a wolf, trying to cheat in the exams was main job in those three disastrous (horrible) hours, taking selfies, roaming on the streets like romio/julite and trying to flirt with every sexy girl/hot boy, watching p**n videos inside your washroom, playing snake n ladders, painted the town road, talking about latest movies, fighting like TOM_&_JERRY _____ THEY WERE WITH YOU.
When you were crying , they were moving heaven and earth to make you laugh and standing along with you like Burj Khalifa and when you were laughing they were always there to laugh with you. They were the only one’s with whom you shares your feeling about your newly made crush, affairs & they were the only one’s with whom you tried your wrestling moves and were roaring like HERCULES (the rock), They were the best search engine you ever searched upon, even better than google, because they know everything which you don’t, like the quotes given by them for your fb upload pic which got many appreciation. They love YOU without any IF or BUT. And guess who are they ( tom, dick n harry knows )….
There is no life without FRIENDS cause They are wrap and woof of life. they may be ( pick your friends type) long or short; black, white or grey; intelligent or foolish; weird or pleasent; jolly or DEVDAAS; Pusillanimous, brave or Fekoo; homosexual or heterosexual; womeniser or misogynist; reticent or gerrulous; glutton or dieter; blach, WHITE, grey or yellow haird; Arijit or dinchek; ludo or sports lover; fantastic or DUMB.
WHETHER ___ you’re talking to them or not; you like them much or not; you meet them daily or ONCE IN A YEAR; you have BLOCKED THEM on fb (or in your life) on not ; they are your virtual or real friend, its_all_aint_mattered , really. Continue reading